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The Mystery Mind
The Mystery Mind

A telepathic young heiress is marked for death by a murderous gang of weird killers, led by the disembodied voice known only as “The Mystery Mind.” Her hypnotist fiance must rescue her and stop them from finding the Treasure of Atlantis. More villains than any other serial has ever contained; this serial was an attempt to outdo THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA with its cast of bizarre characters and it gets over the top early on as Violet, the heroine escapes numerous murder attempts and just doesn’t stop going from there until the cast ends up in a remote jungle temple where an unspeakable ritual is about to be led by black magician Evil Eye, a creature up to this point conceived by Violet only in nightmares.

A fully dramatized re-creation of the lost 1922 serial, as created for and performed over 4 years at SerialFest events, and featuring
ADRIAN BOOTH, yes, the real Adrian Booth, as the villainess, Vera “the Snake” Collins

The original stars of the serial were real-life hypnotist J. Robert Pauline, Violet MacMillan (best known for her appearances in the Frank Baum Oz films) and veteran serial villain Paul Panzer of THE PERILS OF PAULINE and THE MASKED RIDER.

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ALLYSON MALANDRA as VIOLET BRONSON, 18 year old heiress, psychic
ADRIAN BOOTH as VERA COLLINS "THE SNAKE," a sneaky villainess
DAVID WHITEMAN as ROBERT DUPONT, a scientist studying hypnotism
MATT HUTT as CANFIELD "THE WOLF," a lusting egomaniac
MATTHEW IMPARATO as MR. CASE, a sadistic hunchback
JEREMY SCOTT-CAMPBELL as DACCA, Dominican servant of Dr. Sutton
ERIC STEDMAN as DR. SUTTON, M. D., Violet's guardian
APRIEL STARKWEATHER as NERVA, a professional psychic
JEAN BRENNER as MESMA, a clairvoyant
RICK DEACON as CHESTER RANDOLPH, Dupont's pilot friend
RICH SYMES as Luis, Haitian coffee shop owner
THE MYSTERY MIND, a spooky disembodied voice
EVIL EYE, high priest of a death-cult
PHANTOM FACE, a mysterious faceless man
STRANGLER, an assassin


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