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Pirates/Adventures at Sea
Pirates/Adventures at Sea


Treasure Island
(4 versions)
The Buccaneer (Clark Gable)
Captain Blood
(Errol Flynn)
Jean Lafitte
(Ronald Colman)
The Treasure Chest of Don Jose
The Hanging of Captain Kidd
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower
(Gregory Peck)
Mutiny on the Bounty
The Revenge of Captain Bligh
Tom Jones
Moby Dick
Sinbad the Sailor
and many, many more adventures on the high seas from the Caribbean to the South Pacific

And the Complete Series
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen
Cruise of the Poll Parrot
The Magic Island
(Children’s serial of over 100 episodes)
Ports of Call

2 DVD set with 92 hours of content

Pictured: Capt. Charles Black of the Valhalla’s Pirates and Devlin O’Driscoll of Bloody Historical
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