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New customers, please read the shipping notes below.


PLEASE NOTE: We are a small collector's service, not, and ship orders about twice a week, not daily. We ship in a queue according to when orders were received and do not offer rush shipment options. Most DVD shipments, especially for new releases and smaller orders, go out the week they are received but please allow 30 days for shipment of any order in case you have sent a large order and/or we need to reprint a library title.

DVD TYPES: Some Squadron DVDs, such as THE SIGN OF THE WOLF and ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION are factory-replicated DVDs. Many other titles are recorded on DVD-R media but are fully authored and professionally duplicated, include illustrated interactive menus and are never recorded on home DVD-R recorders. Authored DVDs are compatible with the vast majority of DVD players. Labels or disk printing are not used on Squadron DVD-Rs as all varieties of imprints or stickers can damage or shorten the life of the media. We use high-quality, high-rated shiny silver-coated DVD-Rs which will show fingerprints. Which can usually be wiped off with a soft cloth.

Not all DVD or Blu-Ray players are compatible with all DVDs. There is no way to force a DVD to play in a machine that for whatever reason refuses to read it. There is no easy technical explanation for this phenomenon; occasionally it just happens, and the two just don't like each other as if they were displeased participants in a blind date. IF A DVD YOU RECEIVE IS NOT READABLE IN YOUR PLAYER please try playing it in another DVD player or computer. If it plays properly in the second player, it is not defective. Most issues with DVDs not playing can be resolved by simply trying the DVD in another player so please do this before requesting replacement disks which will be the same as what you already have.
MENUS: Sometimes DVDs require you use the right, left, up and down arrow keys and the Enter key on your remote to play chapters. If you can't figure out how to get to the second page of the menu on a DVD, use the down arrow key to select the circled triangle on the lower right, then hit Enter and the second page menu will appear.

TRACKING: DVDs are shipped USPS first class mail with tracking numbers. Other services are not available at this time.

please alert your local post office to the problem. Packages leave the Squadron Archive in mint condition. If a package is damaged by the USPS, they should be informed about the situation.

If you have a disk that is defective (meaning it will not play in any player or computer you test it in) or we have sent you a DVD set which includes an incorrect volume, keep your DVD case and fill out the Disk Replacement Form or Mail Order Form noting the disk volume you need, along with your complete name and address, date of order, and email address. Your request will be treated as a new order and ship out your replacement with the next batch of orders that go out.

EMAIL RESPONSES: You should receive a shipping email response within a week to a special request. At any rate we WILL get your replacement disk to you as soon as we can -- but please understand we cannot always respond the moment you email, thanks.

If you are looking for a serial title not on the above list, type its title in this search box and you may find it or related features.

Information for Broadcasters, Theater Owners, Film Program or Convention Planners, DVD Dealers, Video Rental Stores, and Libraries About Secondary Usage of Squadron DVD Content

Please do not make orders for single copies of Squadron DVDs. Email Squadron Director Eric Stedman, or write us at 440 S. State Street G6, Newtown PA 18940-1973 to discuss licensing Squadron content for broadcast. Include information about when, how and where you would like to broadcast our content and we will send you a quote for a licensing fee, or possibly waiving the fee in exchange for advertising. If you are interested in broadcasting an Archive title, we can't charge you a licensing fee but we'd appreciate a donation to the Archive in return.
You may order single copies of Squadron DVDs for perusal, but if you decide you'd like to show a chapter or entire serial at your event or theater, please Email Squadron Director Eric Stedman, or write us at 440 S. State Street G6, Newtown PA 18940-1973 and we will arrange either a licensing fee or request you offer Squadron DVDs for sale at your event, from the sale of which you may keep a percentage of the profits.
It is illegal to copy and resell Squadron DVDs which display copyright notices without permission as they are in copyright as new editions of public domain works and include proprietary content including original musical scores, and content unique to our restorations. You may, however, order some (though not all) Squadron DVD titles at discount rates and sell those copies to your customers. Check the pages for THE LONE RANGER, THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN, ADVENTURES OF TARZAN, DRUMS OF FU MANCHU, KING OF THE MOUNTIES, THE LOST SERIAL COLLECTION, THE SIGN OF THE WOLF, THE TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS, ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION and BEATRICE FAIRFAX, for dealer discount offers. Other titles such as THE HOPE DIAMOND MYSTERY and THE MASKED RIDER will also be available to dealers in the future. This offer available to US dealers only. If you live outside the US and would like to sell Squadron DVDs, please Email Squadron Director Eric Stedman.
Squadron DVDs are not available as items to be offered for active circulation in libraries, though they may be ordered to be added to any library as non-circulating items.

We also do not accept orders for Squadron DVDs from video stores to be offered for public rental, and, due to the ever-increasing ease and temptation to rip and copy DVDs, we ask that you not offer Squadron DVDs for rental, but instead that you display a few copies and recommend your customers buy them instead, to help support the Archive.

We have no objection, however, to contributing to your business as well. If you would like to help us by offering Squadron DVDs at your location, make a $75 deposit/donation (by check or use your PayPal account and make the payment to orders(a), to the Archive and we will send you 3-5 copies of any of the dealer-approved titles listed above in the DVD DEALERS section you would like to offer for purchase at your location. If then you send us 55% of the sale price, you may keep 45% and pay nothing for if the titles do not sell. If you sell out of DVDs, you may then use the Dealer order options on the various DVD title pages to restock. In this way you can still offer the DVDs to your customers, transactions will help support the Archive, and you will earn more money per sale than you might from single rentals.

To equip your video store with Squadron DVDs you may offer for sale, please Email Squadron Director Eric Stedman, or write us at 440 S. State Street G6, Newtown PA 18940-1973 and tell us what titles you would like us to send.

If you're looking for our "list of serials," this is it. Download it