The Green Archer


Columbia 1940 / 15 Chapters / Mystery
The Green Archer by Edgar Wallace

Hero: Spike Holland (
Victor Jory)
Leading Lady: Valerie Howett (
Iris Meredith)
Mystery Hero:
The Green Archer
Villain: Abel Bellamy (James Craven)

Main Henchmen: Savini (Robert Fiske), Dinky (Kit Guard), Brad (Jack Ingram)
Supporting Cast: Dorothy Fay, Forrest Taylor, Joseph W. Girard, Fred Kelsey, Kenne Duncan

Directed by:
James W. Horne

Plot: A mysterious archer in medieval attire and his imitator -- sometimes we don't know which is which -- prowl the grounds of the villain's modern castle and adjoining house while insurance investigator Spike Holland tries to make sense of the whole business. Operating from the castle is a jewel ring run by blackguard Abel Bellamy, who takes over the property after sending his innocent brother to prison for one of the ring's capers.

Notes: Remake of the earlier silent serial version which featured Walter Miller and Allene Ray, made on similar, sometimes identical sets.

Reviews: "James W. Horne's first two solo sound serials (The Shadow and The Green Archer) are also his best. Both move lightning fast without a loss of coherence, and neither descend into obnoxious and idiotic self-parody like some of his later serials (Captain Midnight and Terry and the Pirates for instance). Green Archer is not a serious serial though -- it's an "old dark house" style mystery/comedy showcasing the same comedic talent Horne showed in such films as Laughing Gravy and Way Out West with Laurel and Hardy." -- Green Hornet

Chapter Titles
1: Prison Bars Beckon 2: The Face at the Window 3: The Devil's Dictograph
4: Vanishing Jewels 5: The Fatal Spark 6: The Necklace of Treachery
7: The Secret Passage 8: Garr Castle is Robbed 9: The Mirror of Treachery
10: The Dagger that Failed 11: The Flaming Arrow 12: The Devil Dogs
13: The Deceiving Microphone 14: End of Hope 15: Green Archer Exposed

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