King of the Mounties


King of the Mounties
Republic 1942 / 12 Chapters
Directed by: William Witney

Allan Lane as Sgt. Dave King
Gilbert Emery as Commissioner Morrison
Russell Hicks as Marshall Carleton
Peggy Drake as Carol Brent
George Irving as Professor Brent
Abner Biberman as Admiral Yamata
William Vaughn as Marshal Von Horst
Nestor Paiva as Count Baroni

This fantastic serial features Allan Lane as the invincible Sgt. King of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who takes on Axis saboteurs threatening to destroy Canada with their silent vertical-takeoff plane and other deadly weapons. He's up against a trio of villains here -- one from each of the Axis powers: a Japanese admiral, and German and Italian officers. The pace of this serial, as was the case with many of the Republic wartime serials, is amazing, right up there with NYOKA and DAREDEVILS OF THE WEST. The Squadron's edition is the ONLY edition with complete sound effects and music and subtitled missing dialogue. An amazing restoration of a serial many thought lost.

In one of the most effective and rousing wartime serials ever made, Sergeant King of the Mounties faces three high-level agents, one from each of the Axis powers. Setting up headquarters in a volcano, the fifth columnists employ a short-winged vertical takeoff plane to enter and leave their headquarters by way of the crater. When Sergeant King finds that secret access, needless to say, it spells explosive trouble for the Axis. Until then, however, the agents harass the Canadian population with bombing raids by a plane that seems to come from nowhere. They also cause the death of Professor Brent, whose plane detector could spell their downfall.

Allan Lane's second two-fisted appearance as Zane Grey's Sergeant King gave him once again a role his acting style fit perfectly. William Witney directed this lively serial without John English, his co-helmer on the first King adventure. Vital to the well-staged live action was the miniature work created by the Lydecker team. Skillful use of a skeleton crew at Big Bear, and some inventive process photography, cut production time and costs significantly, as did use of Cedar Lake/Big Bear footage from King of the Royal Mounted and other serials. The Axis heavies are portrayed by Abner Biberman (Yamata), William Vaughan (Von Horst), and Nestor Paiva (Baroni). Another familiar nasty, Douglas Dumbrille, plays their Canadian quisling, Gil Harper, a counterpart to the character played by Bryant Washburn in the first Sgt. King serial. Peggy Drake is Carol Brent, who carries on the work of her father. Rounding out the cast are a solid group of performers, including Gilbert Emery, William Bakewell, Russell Hicks, Duncan Renaldo, Francis Ford, Jay Novello (who gets a death scene), and Anthony Warde--in the henchman role coresponding to that taken by Harry Cording in King of the Royal Mounted. Professor Brent is played by George Irving.

The short-winged plane (which had been used briefly in Spy Smasher) and its volcano shelter were transferred much later to
Flying Disc Man from Mars, whose viewers may have wondered why the aircraft's tail had a rising sun decoration.

This lost serial existed up to now only in partial form (missing about 1/3 of its sound and one reel of picture) and the restored chapters have only been shown at SerialFest since the serial's original release. It is now an orphan film. Sound and picture of the missing sections have been fully re-created and assembled, and subtitles added to present missing dialogue. Since there is so much action in this serial, it is now sometimes difficult to even tell what sound is original and what is restored.

We are very proud of this release and are sure you will enjoy it.

More information about the restored picture sequences in Chapter 3.

"An astounding remastering . . . on a two DVD set, presented with completely restored sound effects, music, and once partially-lost dialogue now viewable through perfect onscreen English subtitles." -- Boyd Magers, WESTERN CLIPPINGS

"I sure enjoyed that KING OF THE MOUNTIES!" -- Customer Blaise Lincoln

"Just got KING OF THE MOUNTIES yesterday. Boyd Magers didn't exaggerate when he called it astounding! GREAT work on your part!" -- customer Clyde Oxenrider, Iowa

“Just thought I'd let you know that my copy of KOTM has arrived, and I have had a chance to watch the first chapter in its entirety.  Excellent job of restoration!  The captions together with appropriate sound effects certainly make viewing this otherwise lost serial much easier!” -- Customer Greg K.

"I have been waiting to see this serial FOREVER -- keep up the good work!" -- Herb Deeks

12 Chapters, Black and white, 2-DVD set

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