Mystery Mountain



Mascot 1934 / 12 Chapters / Western Rating:

Hero: Ken Williams (Ken Maynard)
His Pal:
Breezy Butler (Syd Saylor)
Leading Lady:
Jane Corwin (Verna Hillie)
Mystery Villain:
The Rattler (voice by Edmund Cobb)
Supporting Cast:
Edward Earle, Hooper Atchley, Edward Hearn, Al Bridge, Bob Kortman, Gene Autry

Directed by: Otto Brower, B. Reeves Eason

Ken Williams, a railroad detective, is sent to catch the mysterious Rattler, who is disrupting construction of a new railroad line, while also harassing the stagecoach company that the railroad will inevitably supplant. Since the owner of the coach line is the attractive daughter of its murdered founder, Williams' attention is not always on railroad matters. The mystery, of course, concerns the identity of the Rattler, who uses masks to disguise himself as others. Ken is aided in his investigation by his pal Breezy Baker, the “world’s worst newspaper photographer,” and his trusty horse Tarzan.

Who is the Rattler? Perhaps over-concerned Sheriff Lake? Dr. Edwards, whose arm is injured just after the Rattler has been shot? Or maybe even Jane Corwin, the transportation company heiress, herself? Tarzan knows, but he doesn’t talk. So you’ll have to get this DVD to find out!

Chapter Titles: 1: The Rattler 2: The Man Nobody Knows 3: The Eye that Never Sleeps
4: The Human Target 5: Phantom Outlaws 6: The Perfect Crime 7: Tarzan the Cunning
8: The Enemy’s Stronghold 9: The Fatal Warning 10: The Secret of the Mountain
11: Behind the Mask 12: The Judgement of Tarzan

Transferred from an original print, audio, picture and chapter endings restored, Chapter 1 fully stabilized

2-DVD set, black and white

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