The Mystery Trooper


Universal 1935 / 13 Chapters

Heroes: Jack Ryan (Dennis Moore)
and Tom Brant (
Milburn Stone)
Leading Lady: Janet Lowe (
Jan Wiley)
Mystery Villain:
The Master Key
Supporting Cast: Addison Richards, Byron Foulger, Maris Wrixon, Sarah Padden, George Lynn, Russel Hicks, Roland Varno, Alfred (“Lash”) LaRue, Jerry Shane, Neyle Marx, John Eldredge

MacGuffin: The Orotron, a machine that extracts minerals,
including gold, from sea water

Directed by: Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins

Plot: In the pre-World War II United States, a Nazi espionage ring--each member possessing a key to a headquarters control device--takes direction from an unseen leader, The Master Key. The focus of their efforts is Professor Henderson’s Orotron device, which can extract gold from sea water. Federal agent Tom Brant heads a spy-fighting trio that includes police detective Jack Ryan and reporter Janet Lowe. Who is The Master Key? An unknown foe or a false friend in disguise? You’ll have to wait until the final chapter (13) to find out for sure!

Review: “As with most Universals, plot and dialogue take precedence over fistic encounters but there is a good amount of action to keep me interested, and enough to keep me wondering who the Master Key really was. The chapters did not seem to drag on endlessly as is the case with some of the lesser Universals.” --39013

New digital transfer with extras:
National Anthem by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians
“Daffy the Commando”
World War II Introduction:
The Rise of the Axis (which sets the stage for the action to follow

Chapter titles: 1 Trapped by Flames 2 Death Turns the Wheel 3 Ticket to Disaster
4 Drawbridge Danger 5 Runaway Car 6 Shot down 7 Death on the Dial
8 Bullet Serenade 9 On Stage for Murder 1o Fatal Masquerade 11 Crash Curve
12 Lightning Underground 13: The Last Key

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DVD produced by Robert Mohr
Restored by Eric Stedman

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