The Adventures of Tarzan


A 10-chapter Serial Squadron re-release adapted from the original 1921 serial
Produced by Louis Weiss
Directed by Robert F. Hill
Restored and Designed by Eric Stedman
Music by Roderick Jackson

Featuring Elmo Lincoln and Louise Lorraine
Tinted & scored, with restored footage, title cards & cliffhanger endings!

A new state-of-the-art digital transfer and reconstruction of one of the most popular serials of all time, in 10 chapters, tinted and with sound effects as presented in the re-release, and with a new musical score.

This serial, a national sensation on its original release, has not been seen in serial form for many years. Adapted from the concluding chapters of Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Return of Tarzan, the serial's major players are Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln, in his second and final appearance as Tarzan), Jane (Louise Lorraine), Tarzan's arch enemy Rokoff and Queen La of Opar. Tarzan's companions are Tantor the elephant and two ape friends: a female called Ara and a male (from Opar) named Og. Tarzan, now allied with the French Secret Service, pursues his arch enemy, international criminal and blackmailer Rokoff (Frank Whitson) and his cohort, rogue French officer Gernot (George Momberg), who have come to Africa to plunder its treasures. Rokoff also steals from Tarzan the formula for a deadly gas and lusts after Jane (16 years old at the time of filming), complicating matters a great deal when he inscribes a map to the treasure room of the lost city of Opar on her back. After many adventures in the desert, jungle, and the city of Sagarone, the entire cast has it out in Opar under the eyes of Queen La (Lilian Worth), who wants Tarzan to lead her army of wild-men. Plenty of amazing stunts, earthquakes, fires, and deathtraps in this fast-paced serial involving live lions and other wild animals, and a memorable performance by the amazing vine-swinging, villain-bashing, chest-beating Elmo Lincoln, who had so much fun doing this he was willing to wrestle real lions onstage to promote the serial in 1921. Future Tarzan Frank Merrill appears in a "chorus" role in this serial as an Arab raider.

Music The musical score employing African instruments and flute is by Roderick Jackson and associates of the Palms Down Afro-percussion troupe in NYC.

Picture The beautiful digital transfer is presented in the unique 3-color Malavision toning technique which gives a more natural appearance to scenes by allowing the use of multiple hues in connection to corresponding brightness values without colorization.

2-DVD Set with:
A 20-minute extended introductory prologue of scenes from Tarzan of the Apes (1918) and plot summary which sets up the story of the serial (which was actually directly continued from the three previous Tarzan films, Tarzan of the Apes, The Romance of Tarzan and The Revenge of Tarzan), illustrated menus, scene markers within chapters, lobby card & poster reproductions & stills, deleted scenes and stunt performer clips.

Prologue: Tarzan of the Apes
1 The Return of Tarzan
2 City of Gold
3 Stalking Death
4 Flames of Hate
5 The Ivory Tomb

6 The Hidden Foe
7 Dynamite Trail
8 The Jungle's Prey
9 Flaming Arrows
10 The Last Adventure

Stills & Memorabilia
Edgar Rice Burroughs Interview
Deleted Scenes
15-minute extended "trailer" of Squadron DVD release Beatrice Fairfax

Notes for historians and completists: This serial was originally released at 15 chapters, then re-released later in a condensed 10-chapter version with sound effects. The Squadron DVD is very similar in presentation and feel to the 1929 release, and makes use of all footage known to exist of the serial.

Most of the story's important original content, including all the key action sequences and cliffhangers, appears in this version, which was prepared from 3 different editions of the original serial.

Chapter 1 includes a thorough summary of what-has-gone-before, and material from the original serial's chapter 1

Chapter 2 includes material from original chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 3 includes material from original chapters 4 and 5

Chapter 4 from original chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 5 of the Squadron version, which is quite complete, was chapter 7 in the original.

Chapters 8 and 9 of the 1921 15-chapter version, which apparently no longer exist, were comparatively irrelevant "filler" chapters in which renegade Waziri natives harass Tarzan, tying him to a stake etc. for no particularly important reason. These chapters were a side trip which did not advance the plot and were probably excised from the re-release version for that reason. Anyway, Chapter 6 of the Squadron version contains material from chapters 10 and 11, at which time which the serial gets back on track and moves on with its main story

Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Squadron version correspond very closely to chapters 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the original serial

Two brief scenes (including one which appears to be from the missing chapter 8), which do not resolve or fit into the continuity have been included on the DVD as "deleted scenes."

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