The Black Whip


(aka ZORRO’S BLACK WHIP) and El Coyote

Republic 1944 / 12 Chapters
Directed by: Spencer Bennet, Wallace Grissell
Starring Linda Stirling as Barbara Meredith/The Black Whip
George J. Lewis as Vic Gordon
Lucien Littlefield as Tenpoint

Criminals who wish to retain power are attempting to block Idaho's entrance into the Union. Standing almost alone against them is Randy Meredith, who dons a caballero outfit and mask for his missions. When Randy dies after returning to his headquarters behind a waterfall, his sister Barbara takes his place and helps undercover agent Vic Gordon fight the outlaws. Linda Stirling is convincing as the confident newspaper owner who doubles as a masked avenger. Because her character, Barbara Meredith, is already known in the community, she is precluded from assuming a cover personality, as earlier Zorros had with their foppish poses. Pressed into hero service for this wartime chapter play, George J. Lewis is excellent as the secret investigator who is saved from death several times by the Black Whip but is a formidable fighter in his own right. (Dressed in a cowboy costume typical of those worn by Robert Livingston, Lewis, sans scowl and standing with shoulders high, could remind many viewers of that popular Western star.) While respected townsman Dan Hammond, well-played by Francis McDonald, is behind the outlawry, the swaggering Baxter of Hal Taliaferro is a field leader to contend with, in both brawn and brain. Even when the versatile Taliaferro is cast as a bad guy, it is a delight to watch him handle a horse. Veteran John Merton is Henchman #2. Distinguished citizens are played by Tom London, John Hamilton, and Tom Chatterton. Jay Kirby is seen briefly as the first Black Whip, while comedy relief is supplied by Lucien Littlefield--the worrying newspaper helper called Tenpoint.

Special Bonus: The complete rare half-hour El Coyote 1958 half-hour TV pilot which also featured a female Zorro-like character

2-Disk Collector's Set includes:
All 12 Chapters, super-sharp in beautiful black and white,
with readable opening title and recap sequences,
in-synch sound (it's 6 frames off on the Republic laserdisc)
Animated menu screens
Theatrical trailer
Linda Stirling Mini-Documentary including rare glamour shots of Linda
"The Face Behind the Mask" mini-documentary on stunt woman Helen Thurston (the lady who was really in the costume and did the riding/whip-cracking!)

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