The Vanishing Legion


"There is a concern known as The Serial Squadron that offers restorations of many chapterplay favorites. Their transfer of The Vanishing Legion is all digital, and by far the best quality DVD of any Mascot serial I’ve seen." -- Three Cheers For The Vanishing Legion! -- John McElwee, Greenbriar Picture Shows

The Serial Squadron presents another Squadron first: A new digital transfer from an original print of the very rare 1931 serial

Mascot 1931 - 12 Chapters
Directed by B. Reeves Eason and Ford Beebe

Starring Harry Carey as Happy Cardigan
Frankie Darro as Jimmy Williams
Boris Karloff as "the Voice"
Edwina Booth as Caroline Hall
Supporting Cast: Philo McCullough, Lafe McKee, Joe Bonomo as Stuffy, William Desmond as the Sheriff, Yakima Canutt and Rex (King of the Wild Horses)

"This is The Voice. Tonight we strike at one who knows too much."

Who is "The Voice?" A ghostly presence commands the mysterious group of riders known as the Vanishing Legion to do his bidding, or face death as traitors. How does he broadcast his voice over miniature radios? Where is his hideout?

Who is "The Voice?" Why does he want Jimmy Williams' father pursued on a murder charge--and never to have him reach prison alive?

Who is "The Voice?" Could he be one of the investors otherwise trusted by oil man Happy Cardigan?

The Vanishing Legion is one of the earliest existing sound serials and the Serial Squadron is proud to present its digital restoration as a new DVD release.

Like many other early talkies it often has a realistic period-but-not-dated feel, and an unpredictable story, with a very young Frankie Darro's outstanding, often emotional performance as the son of a wanted man a true highlight.

Harry Carey is a strong lead in this story, and gets good support from a cast of ex-silent serial stars such as The Riddle Rider's William Desmond, Perils of the Wild's Joe Bonomo, and the uniquely talented Western stunt man Yakima Canutt, who's actually called by his own name in this serial.

Boris Karloff, who had worked for Mascot in several previous serials, including The King of the Kongo, provides the voice of the mystery villain here, originally without onscreen credit. He doesn't appear onscreen tho, so we're not giving anything away by telling you this. You'll still have to figure out the identity of the mysterious Voice on your own.

Leading Lady Edwina Booth had appeared previously with Carey in the adventure picture Trader Horn.

Frankie Darro would later perform in Mascot's The Devil Horse, The Phantom Empire, and many other serials.

This DVD includes all 12 chapters of the serial, toned cool and warm black and white for outdoor and night scenes, restored picture and fully restored and hiss-free sound. Commentary on Chapter 1 by author Len Kohl

Released spring 2006

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