The Republic Zorro Serials


5 Yak Awards including Best Serial, Best Hero, Best Director, Best Music and Best Screenplay

Zorro's Fighting Legion
Collector’s edition DVD

"A winner-a must for any serial fan" -- Sam Katzman Jr.

"One great serial. Great costume for the hero, great score, great action. Anyone who loves serials will love this one. A must buy. The other Zorro serials don't compare. " -- Buster Crabbe

"WITHOUT A DOUBT ONE OF THE TOP 10 SERIALS OF ALL TIME! This beats LONE RANGER hands down, for everything from story flow to plot to music to cliffhangers, to hero, top to bottom, a masterpiece." --WCME

"The one word that sums this serial up is WONDERFUL! The music is thrilling, the stunts terrific, the cliffhangers great, the horsemanship really superb, Zorro's outfit brilliant, the script very good (the idea of "the Legion" is an excellent one); but above all other factors for me is the star: Reed Hadley absolutely dominates this serial as if he was born to play the part . . . 5***** out of 5, no question. " -- Black Commando

This classic fan favorite was the Squadron’s first successful DVD pledge project and the first Republic serial ever released on DVD. A must-have for any serial fan’s library, with extras, many contributed by “the Lightning” himself. Excellent picture quality, direct chapter access, true replicated two-sided DVD (not DVD-R).

The DVD features many extras, including:
• Full credits list of Squadron pledge drive contributors
• A live introduction & closing by cowboy stunt man Wrangler Rick Deacon (in costume)
• Extended cast & crew listing
• Theatrical Trailer
• Stills from the Lightning's collection
• Original script pages from the Lightning's Collection

Released December 2002

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$ 9.95

Zorro Rides Again

The first Republic Zorro serial, featuring John Carroll as the great-grandson of the original masked hero who dons the mask to stop a reign of terror by the murderous El Lobo (Richard "Prince Barin" Alexander) and criminal mastermind Noah Beery. Presented on 2 disks with fully restored and excellent quality picture and completely hiss-free booming sound, scene markers within chapters, original theatrical trailer and a menu screen which plays "Zorro Rides Again Into the Night!." This is the highest quality edition of this serial available.

Also includes 6 additional Republic serial trailers and a new trailer for The Masked Rider.

Released August 2004

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$ 12.95