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"It's always a pleasure trading with you guys. Quality product and quick efficient service. I always appreciate the little extras you include on your restorations. I especially loved the bull session you guys included on THE LONE RANGER [RIDES AGAIN] serial. It reminded me of my old convention attending days . . . Thanks again for your efforts." -- Customer G.A. Still, Tennessee


What format are Serial Squadron DVDs in?
A few titles such as ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION and THE SIGN OF THE WOLF are replicated DVDs. Other titles are authored DVD-Rs, encoded in the same manner as store-bought DVDs with visual chapter selection menus and scene selection options which will play in the vast majority of DVD players. No titles are mastered using a DVD-recorder, only a professional Mac Pro DVD authoring system, same as the studio-DVD-publishers use.

What's the difference between any serials you sell and anyone else's editions?
Many online vendors, gray market DVD publishers and eBay sellers try to convince you they are offering you a great deal but are actually selling copies of old often second-generation VHS tapes of serials they have recorded on home DVD recorders. We don't sell DVDs made from old VHS tapes, such as the many bootleg DVD editions of Republic serials that exist to rip you off, as MANY online sellers do but instead invest a great deal of time and money in obtaining original film prints of serials, having them transferred on expensive professional studio equipment for the best contrast, sharpness and stabilization possible. We then restore picture and audio elements on these transfers, repairing and reconstructing damaged scenes, removing hiss, and sometimes re-creating missing elements if appropriate and necessary. New original musical scores are created for silent serial DVDs and extras such as commentary, mini-documentaries and trailers are added to many presentations. Squadron DVDs are made all-new from scratch, sometimes worked on frame-by-frame or shot-by-shot for months before release, and are NEVER simply copies from a collector's existing VHS or DVD source.


Can I pay for an order by credit card or electronic check online?
Yes, by using PayPal, which you can link to either a card or a bank account to pay for your purchase. Use the ADD TO CART links at the bottom of the DVD description pages to order as many DVDs as you like at the same time. To sign up for a PayPal account, visit If you are not already a member they will add $5 to your account which you may use toward purchases.

How do I check to see if you received my order?
Check your PayPal account and/or your email mailbox that is connected to it to see if you received your receipt for the purchase. If you got the email, your payment was accepted.

Can I order DVDs by mail?
Yes. Click the MAIL ORDER FORM link below, print out the form on your home computer, and enclose with it a check or money order made out to Eric Stedman (not Serial Squadron).

How will I know when my order ships?

Provide an email address with your mail order (you will have one automatically associated with your PayPal account) and you will receive an email from us when your order ships out, or will ship out within a few days from when the postage sticker was generated, including tracking information whether you order by PayPal or by mail.

Will you ship DVDs outside of the USA?
Yes, to the UK, Europe, and Australia.

How long does shipping take once I make an order?
Orders for new releases will usually ship the week they are received. For library titles (below) or order corrections please allow 30 days for shipping in case titles need to be reprinted & restocked, which is not always the case but does happen from time to time. When your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information so you know when your package will arrive. Also, since sometimes it takes a few days for mail to be picked up or dropped off, please also allow a few days to a week after you receive the email for the shipment to track.

Sometimes an order will go out soon after it is received. Sometimes also shipping of an order takes a 2 or sometimes even 3 weeks because we ship in a queue and sometimes it gets a little backed up. But we make sure every DVD order gets to you. Sorry but there is not enough demand for rare serials on DVD to be able to afford a full-time shipping person and paying an outside service would cause DVDs to cost more so we can only offer these DVDs the way we do. Longtime customers understand though that this is the way we are able to keep the serials coming and get them to you at the lowest cost possible.

Can I return a DVD if it won't play in the player I want it to play in?
If any disk in a DVD set you receive does not appear to play correctly in one DVD player, try it in another player or on a computer before contacting us. You will find that if you do this the disk will very likely play. Though almost all players will play various types of DVDs, not all DVDs are compatible with all DVD players (it's kind of like a blind date with Princess Aura -- sometimes everything's fine but sometimes she'll pull out the blowtorch without warning). If your player is very old, consider updating it; you can buy DVD players compatible with pretty much everything for under $30 now.

How can I tell if I have a truly defective disk?
Disk errors are rare -- our system will spit out a bad disk if an error is encountered so it won't ship to begin with -- but if you have a disk that seems to hang up mid-stream, or if you see an irregularity which may look like a water drop or other blemish in the purple surface where the data is contained, you may have a disk with an actual error.

Can you send me a replacement disk?
If you have a disk that is defective or we have sent you a DVD set which includes an incorrect volume, yes. We will correct any order with any replacement disk necessary. Keep your DVD case and fill out the
DISK REPLACEMENT REQUEST FORM noting the disk volume you need, along with your complete name and address, date of order, and email address. We usually will NOT answer this email directly but treat it as a new order and ship out your replacement with the next batch of orders that go out. To avoid receiving multiple replacement copies of the same disk, fill out this form only once, thank you. You can also use the Mail Order form to request a replacement disk.

And create an order form you can print out
to order DVDs by mail

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