Printable Order Form Generator

Printable Order Form Generator
For Serials on DVD and CD
This page will allow you to create and print a custom order form on your own printer which you can then mail in to the Squadron.
To print a form:

1. Enter your information below. Some fields are required so that we can get in touch with you if there are questions about your order. Any information you submit will not be shared with anyone for any reason, and we won't email you for purposes of advertising either.

2. Click the gray box at the bottom of the page and the printable order form will appear on your screen.

3. Look it over for errors, especially in your zip code, then send it to the Squadron by mail with appropriate payment.

Does this cost anything? No, there is no charge or obligation if you generate a form. You are not actually purchasing an item or making an order by entering information here. This service is offered for your convenience in preparing a mail order.


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Note: if you would like to order more than one title in any category, or to deselect items,

hold the CONTROL or SHIFT key down while you click on a selection.

Serial Squadron DVD Preorders: 

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Serial Squadron Commercial & Archive DVDs/CDs: Completed

Digitally mastered from film originals

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Posters & Books

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 First-class Mail Shipping Rates


Now type the two security words below into the blank in the yellow box

and then click the button below it to create your printable order form.

If the words are difficult to read, click on the top button of the three small red buttons

to the right of the yellow box, the one with two arrows moving in a circle,

and different words will appear.

Please make your check out to Eric Stedman

Then mail your completed form to:

Eric Stedman

20012 Beacon Hill Dr.

Southampton PA 18966

DVDs ship weekly, usually within 2 weeks of your order

but in case a title must be reprinted please allow 30 days for delivery.