The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Archive

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New digital transfers. Beautiful studio-quality prints.
See the first sound serials the way they were meant to be seen.
And have DVDs/Blu-rays delivered to your door as soon as they are published.

Help make new serial DVD releases possible and get the new Squadron DVD/Blu-ray releases delivered to you automatically as soon as they are ready to go! The Squadron is pleased to be looking forward to offering many more rare serials including new restored editions of Republic, Mascot, Independent and Silent serials on DVD over the next year or so, mastered from new transfers of excellent studio-quality original prints. Blu-ray quality editions for many titles including those transferred fom 35mm will be available beginning in spring 2019. Subscribe now to the VIP New Release List to have these serial DVDs and Blu-Rays mailed to you as soon as they are complete.
Titles yet to be released are those you see below.

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