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New Book: October 2017

THE SCYTHE AND THE HATCHET is a new book by Eric Stedman about a historical mystery telling the story of the 1892 double murder of Samuel and Leanah Rightly at 115 Middle Holland Road in Holland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and subsequent trial of accused killer Wallace Burt in Doylestown in 1893 and his desire for redemption.

It includes a history of the farmhouse, background information on the Rightlys and Wallace Burt, and covers the crime, its discovery, the pursuit and capture of the killer, his imprisonment and trial, and also includes the story of how the house, after it was abandoned for many years, became known as "the Murder House" and its subsequent restoration by its most recent owner Tom Baust. The book includes rare photographs, summaries and transcripts of witness statements, a transcription of the charge to the jury, and basically everything there is to know about the case, which has never been written about comprehensively before.

Tom Baust has written an Afterword for the book which gives a little personal history of his involvement with the property and how he came to own and maintain it.

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Eric Stedman is the editor/author of the Lost Serial Photonovel series, including the acclaimed published print and video reconstructions of the groundbreaking 1916 paranormal-investigation series The Mysteries of Myra.

His most recent original work is
The Scythe and the Hatchet, about a double murder which took place in 1893 in Holland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the desire for redemption by the accused.

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The Mysteries of Myra

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