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Thank you for choosing to produce a show from Storyland! Fill out the form below to get an instant Contract to produce any show and all the script and score contents you will need to produce it.

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produce and/or videotape the show of your choice and arrange to receive the Production Package as a download immediately upon completion of your purchase.

How to arrange to perform a Storyland Theatrical Production

You are only minutes away from receiving the script, score and MIDI/MP3 files for the production you have chosen. To get your Storyland Production Package of Script, Musical Score & MIDI files, and the passwords to those files):

Click the button below to select the number of performances of any show you would like to schedule. By scheduling performances to any show, you agree to the terms and conditions of the performance license stated above.

You may purchase your selected Production Package which includes the Script and Musical Score PDF files, and MIDI files of all the songs and incidental music in the show of your choice. A link to freely downloadable MP3 files if available will also be provided in the email you receive which will include your Production Package download link.

After you've ordered your Production Package, check your email. Once you download the package from the link provided, simply click on it to unpack it on your computer desktop, use the password specified in the email to open the PDF files and you're ready to go into production!

That's it! You will have nothing to wait for in the mail, nothing to return after the production is over, no script charges, no rental charges, no penalties for anything not returned -- just complete the three-step process and you're good to go!

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This License grants you the right to produce a show live and charge admission to audience members. It does NOT include a license to videotape and sell copies of that recording to cast members or others.


By sending this email, which is your contract with Storyland/Eric Stedman, and your payment, you understand that you are given full permission and rights, until the final day of performance of the play, to:

Photocopy, as necessary for production purposes, scripts and music from the play as needed, and distribute them to cast and crew members

Make cuts (not rewrites) in the script/score as production needs demand

Distribute the MIDI or MP3 files of songs to cast members, by email or other file sharing methods, or burned on CD, to assist them in learning their parts.

You also agree that you may

1) Print, publish, sell, publicly, privately, or at auction, distribute by e-mail, or post the script, score, or MIDI files online in any form

2) Remove copyright notices on cast photocopies

3) Give a copy of the script and score PDF to a cast or production staff member, or to another individual or organization (production company, director, teacher or school) for production purposes, or

4) Schedule additional performances without notice and payment of royalty. In other words, you agree to keep the script and score files to yourself alone, and copy and distribute scripts on paper, not the PDF files.

Also by sending payment for a production package you agree that you understand that the play to be performed shall remain the intellectual property of its author and material from the play may not be adapted or used in any other form without permission from the author of the play, although songs from the play you have licensed may be performed live in other venues for promotional purposes.

You also agree that scores and scripts will be collected after the production and either destroyed or kept in your files until such time as you might wish to mount another production of the same play. You understand that scripts may be reused if royalties are paid in advance for each additional performance scheduled.

NOTE: Shows must be advertised ONLY by the title as given on the web page and production materials and may not be retitled. PETER PAN AND WENDY must be promoted ONLY as "PETER PAN AND WENDY" and may NOT be advertised simply as "PETER PAN" or "PETER PAN: THE MUSICAL" as those are titles of different works which are in copyright to other companies. You risk legal action from those companies by attempting to misrepresent a Storyland script as one of theirs. Also, absolutely no content from additional sources, including animated features, stage musicals, or recordings may be interpolated into a production of a Storyland script; this is strictly prohibited. So don't do that, please!

To agree to these terms and schedule your production, and receive your production package, click ADD TO CART below then type in the number of shows you would like to schedule and the royalty rate you choose to pay by editing the price amount shown in the blank, click "Update Cart," then click "Continue Shopping."


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You can be granted permission to videotape a performance if you agree that video or DVD copies will be provided to cast and crew members, families and close friends only, and if you agree to send one copy of the DVD to us as well for our files. By sending us a finished DVD of your performance you agree to license us to display excerpts of content from it such as frame-grabs or scene or song performances on this website, with full credit to you and your cast members. This license does not include a license for public or commercial DVD sales of video recordings of shows.

Click ADD TO CART below then type in the number of DVDs or videotapes you'd like to copy and click "Update Cart," then click "Continue Shopping." Skip this step if you do not intend to shoot video of the performance. You may also click on this item later if you decide to shoot video of your performance at a later date, after you have paid for your performance license.
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After it has been made, end 1 copy of the video (unedited is OK), to us at
Eric Stedman, 20012 Beacon Hill Drive, Southampton PA 18966 USA


Once you have arranged for the appropriate licenses above, you may then select your show Production Package from any of the choices below.

To get your downloadable script and score package now
select the title of the show you wish to stage below and click the appropriate button to receive your Production Package .zip archive of PDF files of the Script and Musical score, and complete MIDI files of all songs and incidental music in the show.

All Production Packages cost $75 and there are no additional charges for scripts, scores, or anything else. Select the Production Package you would like to download and immediately after you send your payment you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the Archive and passwords to the PDF files included in it.

If you have previously produced a Storyland show, you do not need to pay for a production package a second time -- you may reuse it at no charge.

MP3s for ROBIN HOOD are included in the archive .zip file. A separate link to .zip archives of MP3 audio files for all other shows except RED RIDING HOOD will also be provided in the email you receive which you then may also download free. Note: Pre-recorded CDs with complete recorded audio tracks to be used for accompaniment during productions are not available, though you may burn CDs of the supplied MP3 files to give to cast members or use in rehearsal.

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Production Package:
Script, Score, MIDI & MP3 files
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Production Package:
Script, Score, MIDI & MP3 files
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Production Package:
Script, Score, MIDI & MP3 files
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Production Package:
Script, Score, MIDI & MP3 files
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Production Package:
Script, Score, MIDI & MP3 files
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Production Package:
Script, Score & MP3 files

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Once you've selected your appropriate Licenses and Production Package above and checked out, an email with your download instructions and password will be sent to you immediately. That's it, you're done with the signup process and you'll have your script, score, and music files delivered to your email address ready to begin working with!


These download payments are handled by the company called "E-Junkie," a legitimate and trusted source for providing online downloads. It has an odd name, but it's a reliable and useful service. Online payments can be made using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. The E-junkie cart supports PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout,, TrialPay and E-junkie's Free Checkout. The email address of the PayPal payment will be orders(at) or ericstedman(at) By making this payment you agree to the terms stated above. If you need to send a check for your performance/video license and production package and would like your download sent to you when we receive it, make the check out for the total amount of your licenses plus $75 for the production package and send it please to Eric Stedman, 20012 Beacon Hill Drive, Southampton PA 18966 along with the email address to which you’d like us to send your download.


We do not accept purchase orders for licenses, production package or royalty payments, sorry. This system is designed only for payment through PayPal and immediate delivery of production packages by e-Junkie.


We also do not provide paper receipts for purchases. This site works entirely digitally. If you need to present a receipt for purchasing a title to your facility, print out either the email you receive from e-Junkie after purchase, the email you receive from PayPal after purchase, or visit PayPal and print out the PayPal transaction page and present that to the appropriate party.


Would you like to have a printed score, or more than one mailed to you? Printed Scores are also available for all of our shows, from If you would like to order one or more of them also, please visit this page.


Rarely, on some computers, the music font in score files may not display properly. The reason this happens is that the computer has a block set on it against accepting new font installations. Some school computers are set this way. If the music in your score does not look right, either remove the block on the computer and manually install the Aloisen New TTF font or try loading and printing the PDF file from another computer, such as the one you use at home, where the font will likely display properly.