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Episode 1 "The Dagger of Dreams"
The Master of the Black Order, a secret society of greedy devil-worshipers, in order to gain her inheritance, casts an incantation intended to drive young Myra Maynard, daughter of a former member of the cult, to suicide, in a secret chamber of her house where her father performed ritual magic. Psychic investigator Dr. Payson Alden intervenes to try to stop Myra from using a dagger to kill herself as both of her sisters had before her.
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Episode 2 "The Poisoned Flower"
Myra receives a warning to "Beware the Black Order" from the spirit of her father through automatic writing and the Master has a strange plant delivered to the Maynard house which, in the night, produces spores which fall and emit a poisonous cloud of vapor. Myra, with her power of clairvoyance, sees a vision of Dr. Alden in a crystal ball and is able to save his life.
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Episode 3 "The Mystic Mirrors"
Hypnotizing her with an elaborate spinning wheel on which are mounted dozens of mirrors, Dr. Alden frees Myra's astral body, which finds its way to the hidden sanctum of the Black Order and reveals itself to its members.
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Episode 4 "The Wheel of Spirit"
Now knowing its location, Dr. Alden infiltrates the sanctum of the Black Order and is rescued from being buried alive by his Hindu friend Dr. Haji. In the meantime, the Master sends Myra toy balloons filled with a deadly gas.
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Episode 5 "The Fumes of Fear"
Alden and Haji try to direct the police to the Black Order's hideout. In Alden's absence, Varney hypnotizes Myra, suggesting she may be able to locate him by freeing her astral body. Haji sends a message to Payson to meet him so he can reveal the location of the Order's new headquarters but is murdered by members of the Black Order before he is able do so. When Payson returns to the Maynard house, he discovers that Myra's body has been possessed by the spirit of the evil Master.

Portions of this reel still exist, including shots of Haji and Payson traveling through the woods, and Myra appealing to Varney to hypnotize her in the hopes her astral body might be able to locate Payson.
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Episode 6: "The Hypnotic Clue"
After the Master, still in control of Myra's body, pilfers her bank account, and Myra, in the Master's body, causes discord in the Order's headquarters, the voice of Haji's spirit tells Payson to take the body of the possessed Myra to a house by a gorge. There he discovers the bound body of the Master, who pleads for help in Myra's voice, as the Order opens up a dam and a torrent of rushing water rushes in, threatening to drown them all.

Outdoor location filming for this episode took place at Ludlowville Falls, on special outdoor sets made to look like caves.
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Episode 7: "The Mystery Mind"
Myra tells Varney she intends to reconsider his offer of marriage and the Master sends a spirit replica of Varney to materialize in Myra's bedroom to kill her, then when it does not succeed, one of himself, which is driven off by rays from ultraviolet lights installed in the bedroom by Dr. Alden.
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Episode 8: "The Nether World"
The Master gives an agent of the Order he blames for tipping Dr. Alden off to his astral visit to Myra's bedroom a slow-acting poison and charges him to murder Myra if he wishes to earn the antidote. He poses as a new gardener at the estate and sets up a mechanical gun directed to shoot from a nearby building into Myra's window. As he dies, Alden attempts to read his mind using thought photography.
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Episode 9: "The Invisible Destroyer"
Myra returns Varney's engagement ring and Varney confesses to her he believes he has lost part of his soul which if she loves him could return. A medium is brought in to help Myra who has been having fainting spells, and the Master performs a spell designed to slow and eventually stop her heartbeat.
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Episode 10: "Levitation"
The Master attempts to abduct Myra by remotely levitating her body and floating it out of her bedroom window.

Jean Sothern was lifted out of the bed for the shot at left with a derrick!
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Episode 11: "The Fire Elemental"
The Master summons a fire demon and offers it Myra's life as a blood sacrifice. Alden and a medium materialize the spirit of Haji which warns them that it has been possessed by the fire elemental, and then pursues Myra but is trapped by Alden in an elaborate electrical coil which emits ultraviolet rays.
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Episode 12: "The Elixir of Youth"
An aged man and woman agree to destroy Myra and Alden in return for a serum which temporarily restores their youth. The woman attempts to seduce Alden and the man to lure Myra to a death by drowning in a river at night.

Reel 1 of this episode exists, which shows the old man and woman's transformation.
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Episode 13: "Witchcraft"
Out on a horseback ride, Myra encounters a Witch capable of doing real magic, such as summoning faeries, who uses a spell of transformation to help Myra escape the pursuing Black Order.

This episode is unusual for the series in that it includes traditional fantasy-magic and characters rather than concepts derived from then-current spiritualism.
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Episode 14: "Suspended Animation"
Varney arranges that Myra be kidnapped outside a curio store and Myra is locked in a room with a woman who tries to poison her.

This is the only episode of the serial not to include a supernatural element; this was probably because it was rewritten from the unreleased "Asylum" episode script into a scenario that would be easy to film quickly so production could stay on schedule. The opening sequence in which Myra is kidnapped appears to have been filmed for use in the Asylum episode.
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Episode 15: "The Thought Monster"
Alden holds a seance to try to contact the spirit of Myra's father, which materializes and exposes Varney as a member of the Black Order. The Master draws upon the evil thoughts of the thirteen Order members to create a sort of psychic Frankenstein which he commands to go to Alden's laboratory and kill him and bring Myra to him. The monster bursts in to Alden's laboratory but Alden hypnotizes it with his mirror wheel and commands it to returns to the Black Order's sanctum and destroy its creator. The monster overhears Varney and the Master discussing how they will kill him once he's done his prescribed task, and hurls Varney across the room, then it and the Master don mirrored armor and shields and fight a duel to the death with with toxic-ultraviolet-ray weapons. Really.

This episode is very notable for the appearance of one of the earliest Frankenstein-like monsters in film.

The second reel of this chapter exists, including the entire climactic battle between the Monster and the Master.
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Unreleased Episode: "Voodoo"
The Master pays a Voodoo Master from Haiti and his underlings to hide cursed bone fetishes in and around Myra's house and Myra, under the influence of a spell, says again for no definable reason that she has changed her mind and will marry Varney after all.

As stills from the episode exist, it's reasonable to assume it was filmed then pulled from release by W. R. Hearst, who apparently objected to its content.
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Unreleased Episode: "Asylum"
Myra is wrongfully committed to an insane asylum from which she tries to escape through underground passages.

Any number of reasons might have prevented this episode from being filmed and released, including the difficulty and/or awkwardness of trying to film in an actual asylum (something that knowing the Whartons they might have actually considered doing).

(Note: "The Elixir of Youth" was originally Episode 14, and "Witchcraft" episode 15, and the serial did not at that point in the scripting phase come to an end. Both the Voodoo and Asylum episodes were then cut, and the beginning of the Asylum episode involving the abdution of Myra was apparently reworked into the plot of "Suspended Animation." A new Episode 15, "The Thought Monster," was then written which wrapped up the serial with the death of the Master.)