The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Archive


These serials are currently being transferred, restored and proofed and will be released as single and multi-serial sets on DVD and Blu-Ray in upcoming months. Subscribers will receive multi-disk sets including extra items such as the Zorro upgrades at no extra charge. Books and audio productions are also included in the list below.

The order of release is subject to modification as transfers are completed and restorations are finished and proofed and burned. When a new serial is ready to order, it will be moved up to the "Available Now" section on the home page and a BUY IT NOW button will appear in its description.

COMING IN 2020/2021

Titles currently being worked on are below, with those on top being most likely for sooner release. Release dates are subject to change depending on availability of films, transfers and things like unforeseen missing elements. Additional titles may be moved up on the schedule or substituted for any project which must necessarily be delayed.
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