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All DVD, Blu-ray and CD orders are now being shipped by the Squadron. We try to get them out the week they are received but if an item needs to be reprinted it may take a little longer. Smaller orders will usually ship more quickly than orders of 1-3 DVDs. For fastest shipping, order only 1-3 DVDs at a time.

After you make an order, please don't expect to be able to track it immediately. Sometimes an envelope will be made up in advance of all contents being available to fill it. If you receive a shipment email, that means we have your order and are working on its assembly. You will receive an email when it ships, with tracking information included in it. Usually a shipment will track within 2 or 3 days.

Please don't email immediately asking about order status. We will make sure every order is filled, but we can not ship things 5 minutes before you order them as does. If after
at least a week or so has gone by since you have made an online order and you appear not to have received an email and you want to double-check to see if an order has been received:

Check your email in-box to see if you have received your shipment email, which will include the tracking number. If you have, use the tracking number to track the package.

If the e-mail has not arrived yet, check your spam folder to see if you already have received the email and it's been directed there.

3. If not, then
check PayPal to see if your PayPal transaction went through, and if it seems to have done so, and your address and email address connected to PayPal are both correct, send an email with the date the order was made, your name and address and phone number, and what you tried to order to and Queen Azura will see if we can track down what's up with the order.

Shipping communication is now being handled by Queen Azura, who will be happy to help you resolve a situation and also will probably be happy to cast mind-control spells on you as well and add you to her palace harem on Planet Mongo. Whether you want to go for that in addition to DVDs is entirely up to you.

Do not send emails to Eric Stedman or try to contact him by Facebook or telephone. He is working on finishing the restoration of the next DVD or Blu-Ray to ship out. Azura is the keeper of the customer service request list and the requests on Azura's list are the ones that will be acted on.


1 Try playing the disk in another DVD or Blu-Ray player or game machine such as Playstation 4

Try playing the disk in a computer

If the disk plays in the other player and/or the computer it is not defective. The first player in which you tried to play it and the disk may simply be incompatible and the situation may not be neither's "fault." (See below)

If the disk does not play in either another Blu-Ray/DVD player or computer:

1. Especially if it shows signs of physical damage or some irregularity on the burned side of the disk, it may contain a duplication error and not have burned correctly or been otherwise damaged and therefore will be replaced. Do not return the disk or DVD or Blu-Ray case. See the instructions on this page on how to make a disk replacement request. You will receive an email with tracking information when the set is shipped.

2. If the disk is a BD-R, your player may not be compatible with the format. See below.


Not all types of DVDs, DVD-Rs, Blu-Rays or BD-Rs play in all players. This may be because the player you tried to play it in:

1. Is
unable to play all types of DVD-R or BD-R recordable media

2. May need a
firmware upgrade or

For a technical reason which may involve memory or format compatibility, the player is just plain incompatible with the disk, like two people on a blind date who do not like each other, simply do not get along.

What do you do about this?

1. You can
get a Blu-Ray player such as the Sony BDP-s3100 which we know to be compatible with all Squadron DVDs and Blu-Rays

2. You can try
updating the firmware on your Blu-Ray or DVD player. If you bought it in 2011 and it's 8 years old it may not have the built-in capacity to play BD-Rs until you update it. Go to the website of the manufacturer of the Blu-Ray player and search the site on the term "firmware" or simply search on Google or another search engine on the model number of your player and the phrase "update firmware" and follow the instructions on the page you arrive at on how to update your machine and make it more compatible with different kinds of media.

3. Order the DVD version of the Blu-Ray title instead, which will likely play in the player in which you want it to play.



1. A disk slipped off the hub during shipment, has a scratch and will not play correctly
If the scratch is the cause of the problem, keep your DVD case and we will replace the disk.

2. You have received a blank disk or one which will not load on any player
We apologize for this error with duplication or the physical media. Keep your DVD case and will send you a replacement disk

3. You have received a disk that shows some other sign of physical damage
Keep your DVD case and will send you a replacement disk

4. A disk you play hangs up at a certain point and does the same thing when you play it in another player or in a computer
Keep your DVD case and will send you a replacement disk

5. You ordered a Blu-Ray of a title but received a DVD disk instead or vice versa
In this case we will replace the disk and case

6. You received a disk other than the one ordered.


DO NOT use the form or request a replacement if:

1. A disk slipped off the hub during shipment, has a scratch on it and plays fine
Minor scratches on the underside of disks which do not affect playback are usually insignificant in regards to use of the disk. The underside of a disk is not where the video is stored; it's stored underneath the top layer of it. Which is why if you scratch the top of a DVD with a knife it is more likely to damage the information on the disk than if anything happens to the underside of one. If the disk you receive works, it works; play it and enjoy it.

2. A DVD or Blu-Ray case arrives cracked and the case and/or insert are damaged but the disk is OK
This is the fault of the Post Office. They refuse to take responsibility for what we pay for but they damage and we can't change that. We cannot ship DVDs in metal boxes which would be the only thing they couldn't smash if they decide they want to. Order a few extra DVD cases or Blu-Ray cases from or so you will have them on hand in case this happens, they are not expensive. If the post office smashed the shipment and even ripped up the cover insert, we will not ship a new one alone; if, however,you request a replacement insert to be shipped in a future order by emailing Azura, we will slip one in the case of the ordered DVD or Blu-Ray.

3. Your TV loads a Blu-Ray disk menu in widescreen and will not let you change the aspect ratio
This seems as if it might be an issue with a disk, but it's not; it happens due to how your TV interprets data when video is played through it. If your TV loads a Blu-Ray disk menu in widescreen, it is making the decision to do that itself because it thinks most menus and most video on a Blu-Ray will be widescreen and the TV is making the decision for you to stretch the menu across its screen without asking your permission. Well, in the case of Squadron Blu-Rays, the menus may not be widescreen but instead presented in old-fashioned 4:3 ratio and so may be the video files. So the TV is making an "automatic" wrong decision. The way to deal with this situation is to look on your TV remote for a PICTURE, ASPECT or ZOOM button that allows you to manually change the aspect ratio on the player. If your remote doesn't offer the ability to change aspect ratio, to watching 4:3 you need to play the disk on another TV which will offer that option.

4. Your Blu-Ray player refuses to load a BD-R disk menu but instead displays the disk's contents as it would for a data disk
Again, this seems as if it might be a problem with a disk but the truth is, as is the case with a turntable which only offers 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm options and cannot play an old 78 correctly, Blu-Ray players are not guaranteed to play any and all sorts of data they are presented with on a disk. Some can play more kinds of files and stream larger amounts of data more efficiently than others, and some will load types of media other players can't or won't.

Menus may sometimes not load when a
player is not equipped to handle loading large files or menus which access them. If a player with lesser speed or amount of internal memory can't deal with accessing those files or the menu which indexes them, it may choke and just present you with a menu showing the raw files on the disk, which you will still be able to play if you click on them. Sometimes you can start playing a track then hit the MENU button on your remote and, voila, the menu will load. And you can often easily select and play chapters on a disk by pressing the track (number) buttons on your remote. Bottom line: not all Blu-Ray players load or play disks in the same way. Try updating the player's firmware (see above) if you think you may have this sort of issue to see if that enables your player to load and play BD-Rs.

Squadron Blu-Rays are tested on Sony BDP-S1200 and
BDP-S3100 Blu-Ray players and other types of players including Playstation 4 and menu-loading and playback of BD-Rs will definitely work on them so if you want to be sure of player compatibility with a disk, buy one of them, they are better players than some of the older, more inexpensive or off-brand ones, and will also let you select aspect ratios for video playback & do other cool things like play videos from a USB drive. You can get used players of this type for about $50.

5. A disk you play in one player hangs up at a certain point but then plays fine in another player
If a disk plays fine in one player and does not in another means the problem is not with the disk but with a player which chokes when it encounters a high-speed data flow, such as in a scene in which there is a lot of visual action in a serial. If the disk works in a second player or computer, the hangup is a player issue.

6. You think that a Blu-Ray disk should present a "perfect" quality image that looks like a store-bought Marvel Avengers Movie DVD, simply because it is a Blu-Ray
At the Squadron we work with all kinds of film prints and transfers and their quality varies according to the source material. We restore digital transfers of films which may be up to 100 years old, and some look great and some include some damage and may not be sourced from 35mm prints, and you need to understand that before ordering. Usually the source of a transfer and sample videos are provided on the site to give you an idea of quality. Please look at those things and do not expect miracles or for us to make your Disney dreams come true. We do the best we can with what we have to work with, which is sometimes very rare material of which there is only one print in existence, and stabilize, repair, restore and clean up transfers as much as we can and often stabilize transfers as well but most content we work with is not studio original prints.

6. You think Oscar and Elmer are lousy comedians
They are, but we can't help that either.


Do not contact anyone connected to the Squadron by email, via Facebook or any other method besides using the form or emailing Azura if you want to be sure to receive a replacement disk. If you know a disk is damaged, or is an incorrect or blank disk, use the FORM, which will email Azura all the information we need and store it in a place where we know we can find it.


Squadron book orders are processed by and these orders cannot be shipped in the same cart as DVDs. Please order them separately. Lulu usually ships orders within about 5 days from their receipt & their packing of books for shipment is excellent. Contact them with any questions about book orders.


Please do not make orders for single copies of Squadron DVDs.
Email The Squadron Creative Department or write us at 20012 Beacon Hill Drive, Southampton PA 18966 to discuss licensing Squadron content for broadcast. Include information about when, how and where you would like to broadcast our content and we will send you a quote for a licensing fee, or possibly waiving the fee in exchange for advertising. If you are interested in broadcasting an Archive title, we can't charge you a licensing fee but we'd appreciate a donation to the Archive in return.

It is illegal to copy and resell Squadron DVDs which display copyright notices without permission as they are in copyright as new editions of public domain works and include proprietary content including original musical scores, and content unique to our restorations. Many Squadron DVD titles which are in copyright to Eric Stedman may be sold commercially. If you would like to purchase Squadron DVD titles at discount rates and sell those copies to your customers. Please Email Distribution/Convention Sales Manager Frank "Ming" Petrick for details and discount rates.


You may order single copies of Squadron DVDs for perusal, but if you decide you'd like to show a chapter or entire serial at your event or theater, please Email The Squadron Creative Department and we will arrange either a licensing fee or request you offer Squadron DVDs for sale at your event, from the sale of which you may keep a percentage of the profits.

Squadron DVDs may be ordered to be added to any library as non-circulating items. We do not accept orders for Squadron DVDs from video stores to be offered for public rental, and, due to the ever-increasing ease and temptation to rip and copy DVDs, we ask that you not offer Squadron DVDs for rental, but instead that you display a few copies and recommend your customers buy them instead, to help support the Archive. We have no objection, however, to contributing to your business as well. If you would like to help us by offering Squadron DVDs at your location, make a $75 deposit/donation (by check or use your PayPal account and make the payment to orders(a), to the Archive and we will send you 3-5 copies of any of the dealer-approved titles listed above in the DVD DEALERS section you would like to offer for purchase at your location. If then you send us 55% of the sale price, you may keep 45% and pay nothing for if the titles do not sell. If you sell out of DVDs, you may then use the Dealer order options on the various DVD title pages to restock. In this way you can still offer the DVDs to your customers, transactions will help support the Archive, and you will earn more money per sale than you might from single rentals. To equip your video store with Squadron DVDs you may offer for sale, please Email Distribution/Convention Sales Manager Frank "Ming" Petrick or write us at 20112 Beacon Hill Drive, Southampton PA 18966 and tell us what titles you would like us to send.