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Watch free online: THE HOUSE OF HATE
Episode 1: The Hooded Terror featuring PEARL WHITE!

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featuring Harry Myers, Ruth Stonehouse, Paul Panzer and Edna Holland

The long-awaited complete collector's edition of THE MASKED RIDER is still in production. DVD Volume 3 and the Masked Rider Companion book including ultra-rare script and photo material will be available at the same time.

If you pledged, your Vol. 3 DVD will still be mailed out to you after we confirm your current address. Please don't send us updated contact information just yet -- we will send out emails first when the DVDs and book are nearing completion.

featuring George J. Lewis, Boots Mallory and Frankie Darro with Rin Tin Tin Jr. / Directed by Colbert Clark and Harry Fraser

Frank Courtney (Darro), who discovers he is heir to a shipping line, escapes an abusive stepfather in Alaska and heads for California only to find himself marked for death by the crooked president of the company he has inherited. Frank is defended by Bob Whitlock (Lewis), a ship's radio operator, and Pal (Rin Tin Tin Jr.), a German Shepherd raised by wolves and met along the way. Stunts by Yakima Canutt. Originally released in 1933.

THE WOLF DOG is currently being transferred from a superb quality print and prepared for release. To have the DVD shipped to you as soon as it is complete, sign up on the VIP New Release List and receive access to an online video version of the serial and a complimentary Squadron DVD of your choice!

The Official 2015 Serial Squadron MEMBERSHIP KIT

Includes a special 200-page Club Membership Book which includes a 2015 calendar, a comprehensive list of American silent and sound serials in order of release date, Secret Codes, Video Lists, and much more.
The kit also includes a Squadron Pin, Membership Card, Stickers, and extras such as 2 lobby card repros and a beautiful mini-poster.

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The Squadron is pleased to be looking forward to offering new restored editions of many Mascot and a few Independent serials over the next year or so, mastered from new transfers of excellent studio-quality original prints. Titles will be available first to subscribers only, who will also have free access to online versions of the serials.
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New digital transfers. Beautiful studio-quality prints.
See the first sound serials the way they were meant to be seen.
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The Serial Squadron has been restoring rare and "lost" serials from the early 1900s to the 1940s for over 10 years now. We have access to an excellent quality private archive of film prints of early 1930s serials and more, many created from original negatives, and will be taking on the ambitious project of commissioning new digital transfers of 10-12 Mascot and Independent serials of the 1930s over the next year (2015) or so. Purchasing or paying for loans of films and new digital transfers are expensive and we'd like your assistance so we can get these serials onto DVD sooner rather than later and everyone interested in them will be able to see high quality copies of these great serials which people have not been able to enjoy in full quality for decades.

Titles slated for restoration, which exist now only in inferior "budget DVD" editions with sometimes incomplete and always unrestored transfers, include (listed in no particular order):
THE WOLF DOG, THE LIGHTNING WARRIOR, THE HURRICANE EXPRESS, THE SHADOW OF THE EAGLE, THE WHISPERING SHADOW, THE MYSTERY TROOPER, THE LONE DEFENDER, THE GALLOPING GHOST, THE DEVIL HORSE, BURN 'EM UP BARNES, and THE AMAZING EXPLOITS OF THE CLUTCHING HAND. All DVD versions of these films will be released in black and white from new digital transfers from original prints, mostly 16mm, some 35mm, and be complete, with no missing chapter endings. Audio on all titles will be restored to bring up volume and remove hiss or white noise, and picture will be cleaned up and stabilized as necessary or possible.

By subscribing to the
Serial Squadron VIP New Release List using this page you will also receive access to an online video version of each serial as it's released.

The first release planned is the rarely-seen 1933 Mascot serial
THE WOLF DOG, featuring George J. Lewis, Frankie Darro and Rin Tin Tin Jr.
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- Access to a
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Once you sign up on the subscription list you do not ever have to fill out anything else to pledge again for the next release; your pledge choice will roll over automatically to the next release so as long as you keep a few bucks in your PayPal account, if you sign up for the VIP list, if you want to you can just sit back and enjoy receiving new Squadron DVDs as soon as they are ready without having to lift a finger!

Please sign up now to help us restore these classic cinema serials which deserve proper full-quality releases, and receive
THE WOLF DOG and the great forthcoming restorations of the classic Mascot and Independent serials on this list which any serial collector will be proud to own, without having to do anything else, as soon as the DVDs have been burned. Complete, with the scenes missing in other releases present and accounted for. And you'll even get that new digital transfer of THE AMAZING EXPLOITS OF THE CLUTCHING HAND you always wanted too. Which you know you can't resist. :)
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THE SERIAL SQUADRON FILM ARCHIVE is the Squadron's Non-Profit Wing: Our library of 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, digital transfers, laserdisc & videotape. You can view some of our restorations right now free on THE SERIAL CHANNEL, now showing: the complete BLAKE OF SCOTLAND YARD & much more! Copies of some restored/preserved titles which are at least 75 years old and never received commercial release (listed below) may be legally requested by researchers for purposes of research or study. Most of these titles are not available for commercial distribution or dealer orders.

John Boles and Myrna Loy

Creighton Hale/Thelma Todd

featuring Warren Hull

More titles from the Archive: Graft / The Lost Special / Radio Patrol
The Rustlers of Red Dog
/ Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery

Currently being restored for preparation for inclusion in the Archive:
The Secret of Treasure Island / The Red Rider

Note to New Members: We are essentially a library, not a commercial storefront like and due to the very low demand for what we make available we do not keep large quantities of titles in stock or ship DVD orders or requests every day but make requests to order and send them in batches in the order in which they were received about twice a week. So PLEASE do not email us right after you send your order with shipping questions, but instead please allow at least about 2 weeks for delivery of Squadron or Archive DVDs. They may come a little sooner or a little later but we ask that you please understand this policy because we cannot make what we do available any other way without charging twice as much for our services. Thank you!

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The OFFICIAL SERIAL SQUADRON 2015 MEMBERSHIP KIT It includes a special 200-page Club Membership Handbook which includes a 2015 calendar, a comprehensive list of American silent and sound serials in order of release date, Secret Codes, Puzzles and Games, Video Lists, and much more, a Membership Certificate, Squadron Pin, Membership Card, Stickers, 2 color lobby card reproductions and a beautiful mini-poster.

Kits will ship at the end of December 2014 and beginning of January 2015 as soon as we receive all the elements.

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RARE SILENT AND SOUND SERIALS RESTORED FOR PRESENTATION ON DVD featuring the great restored Republic LONE RANGER serials and the Holy Grail of Lost Serials, DAREDEVILS OF THE WEST (Commercial Sale Titles)

These DVDs and the Republic serial restorations above are available for commercial sale or dealer inquiry. And they're not just copies of other people's stuff, either. Most are new digital transfers from rare existing original film prints with restored picture and sound, some with extras and viewing options and even special color tone effects, commentary and new musical scores. The silent titles in particular have been painstakingly restored shot-for-shot in most cases and include restored sections or summaries of action for content that survives only in incomplete form.


Featuring Boris Karloff
First-ever video release!

In English -- No Subtitles
Complete on DVD

In English -- No Subtitles
Complete on DVD

Restored from 35mm

Restored & Scored

Transferred from an Original Print

With Restored Audio & Subtitled Missing Dialogue

Complete on DVD

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ORDERING / SHIPPING NOTES - CUSTOMERS: PLEASE ALLOW 30 DAYS FOR DELIVERY FOR ALL ORDERS -- Note that we are not primarily a commercial company like with a huge staff that ships DVDs every day but a collectors' service and library-like archive and usually ship twice a week and sometimes need to have titles reprinted. That being said, some weeks we ship every day, and most orders ship within 1-2 weeks. If you received a receipt email from PayPal there is no need for you to email us asking for a shipping date of any package -- that means we've got your order. We fill orders in the queue in which they were received and when we have everything you have requested ready to go and when your order is processed you will receive an email with tracking information. If you need a replacement disk please keep your case and use the Disk Replacement Form or Mail Order Form.